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Advanced Business WiFi

Let Lightrr put the days of slow, unreliable & patchy WiFi at your business are behind you...

At Lightrr we include site surveys with all our WiFi installs to make sure we deliver a seamless wireless experience.


Our cloud managed access points allow us to monitor coverage and make changes without sending a tech to your location.

Lightrr's seamless roaming cloud controller based technology is a perfect fit for any office buildings, factories, warehouses, hotels or condo complexes needing more than one wireless access point.

Make the internet work for you....No more 'door to door' sales, instead we also offer Guest WiFi services & Social Media Wifi which can boost your business views by thousands a day on Facebook.

Every time a customer checks into your business... All their friends will know about it!

Hate speaking to the large internet service providers??

Let us deal with them problems and get you on track today...