Complete Data Backups

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Are your backups working properly? Like 58% of US companies the answer is probably not. We can have you installed and running in no time...

Lightrr can protect your data from human error, hackers, Malware and hardware failure

But that requires a solution going beyond using external hard drives and servers or just syncing to Dropbox.


To keep your data safe and your business running efficiently, you need data loss protection from Lightrr you can count on.

Never worry about on-site equipment that can fail, devices that go missing, hackers or ransomware. Our hybrid of on and off site backups makes safeguarding and restoring your valuable data easy.


We verify your backup integrity daily and restoration is as simple as logging a support ticket.

Commercial grade equipment that is being used worldwide by the biggest companies!

Are you thinking... But i'm only a small company?

Thats ok - Small, Medium and Large companies all require sensitive date to be backed up to protect your business. Importantly protect your customers too...

Don't loose any more data - Let Lightrr set you up today