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The working environment matters

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Every office relies on a solid foundation of IT Infrastructure...

We will work with you to understand your type of business and offer you workstation, server, networks, wireless and telephony solutions to fit your business and budget, leaving you to focus on what you are good at.


Lightrr offer proactive managed support for your Desktops, Network, Wifi, Servers, mobile devices and internet service.

How do we do it? We use monitoring software that actively polls the devices you wish us to proactively monitor. If we see an issue we often contact you before you even realize to start investigating.

Our maintenance offerings provide your company with proactive and preventative maintenance to get you and your business the best possible uptime on your IT systems.

We include training for your employees on any new hardware or network specifics needed to make your business run without a delay. Once out installs are complete we wont leave site until the people that matter the most... you and your team.... are ready to start.

Lightrr can help your business be ready for the road ahead.

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