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On-going IT Maintenance and Support


Everyday faces new challenges - Having to worry about all related IT issues can make work unmanageable at times...

Lightrr offers a 'Complete IT Maintenance Support Package' so you no longer have to worry...

This includes:

  • Dedicated Tech who knows your business

  • Preventative Maintenance

  • Cybersecurity Backups

  • Setup and Verification of Backups

  • Operating System Updates

  • Anti-Malware Protection Updates

  • Antivirus DAT Updates

  • Cleanup of System Files

  • Server Maintenance 

  • Update and Flush DNS

  • Update Firmware on Routers and Switches

  • Verification of Business Critical Applications

  • Verify Connectivity - Internet and Local Resource

  • Access to Lightrr's Helpdesk Monday - Friday (8a-5p)

  • Emergency Access to a Lead Tech (Owner/Manager has a dedicated contact)

  • Includes Remote Support via TeamViewer

  • Includes Discounted Hourly Rate of Onsite Work. (All issues resolved remotely - onsite only if required and authorized).

Always be one step ahead of the daily issues - Lightrr has the capability to have you supported worldwide.

Contact us today - Be prepared with a peace-of-mind and join the rest of our customers who are proud to say 'Lightrr always has you covered.'