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Managed IT Services

Industry Leading IT Managed Services from our team of expert IT specialists

From the most basic technical needs to complex issues such as security analysis and network optimization


Why do we need Managed IT Services?

A professional technology partner is an invaluable extension to your team.  The MSP  provides the level of service and support customized to fit your businesses’ unique needs and culture.

A dedicated MSP can save your business 30-40% of the cost employing internal IT staff. The benefits of an MSP also include a vast knowledge in technology that take many years of experience to acquire.

Keeping your IT running, up to date and secured is a full-time job and chances are you already have a full-time job.

Relieve yourself of the burden of spending time recruiting, and managing IT staff, vendors or technical problems while spending less money and the benefits of a professional quality level of IT leadership, service and support.

Experienced IT professional services not only offer support for your technology but provide solutions to IT related problems across your business, leading the way to productive and solid foundation of future growth.

You need to know that your IT MSP is making decisions based on delivering to your goals and objectives and not their own.

Lightrr has you covered

The Lightrr Way to managing your IT

Extensive IT Knowledge &
Experienced Team

With a combined 50+ years of experience, our clients benefit not just from the tremendous amount of training (hundreds of hours) our staff have undergone, but more importantly their tens of thousands of hours in hands-on involvement. 

This gives us an unrivaled depth of knowledge, maturity & understanding in designing, implementing & supporting the essential, secure, efficient IT services required by today's digital and technically dependent businesses. 
A major Key Performance Indicator, and one of our primary aims at Lightrr is to focus on identifying and eliminating issues BEFORE they impact your customers or your business.  Other MSPs are reactive and focus on the time between identifying and resolving issues - at this stage already impacting you & your customers. 

Lightrr’s approach includes resources assigned to your business to provide proactive monitoring and support and working to drive down the cost and drive up the return on your investment in technology.

Each solution is customizable to your needs. We work together to provide a range of options that best suit your requirements from small businesses through to large corporations.

Fully Customizable & 
Affordable  Solutions

Industry Leading
Dedicated Support

You will have a dedicated Tech Expert with you every step of the way. Many MSPs will pass you onto any staff they have available. This is NOT the case with Lightrr. You will be dealing with the tech that you trust in 100%

Lightrr is driven by providing you better, faster and more affordable IT support aligned with what you are looking to achieve.

Managed IT service that is driven by the metrics you decide are key … all service plans are customizable and driven by client defined key performance indicators. We guarantee you will never look back partnering with Lightrr

Lightrr IT Managed Services:

We are much more then an average Managed Service Provider - We are part of your team!

You focus on what matters to you most and we will do the rest


  • Next Gen AV, Malware and Ransomware Protection

  • Network Management and Optimization 

  • Real-Time monitoring and Support

  • Advanced WiFi Installation, Upgrade and Maintenance

  • Data Backups, Disaster Recovery, Continuity Planning

  • Network, Cloud and Datacenter Security

  • Patch Management, Port Settings, Network Segmentation

  • Dedicated Onsite / Offsite Support

  • Employee Onboarding / Offboarding

  • Secure VPN Access for Homeworkers


Our Clients
Serving Organizations of all sizes, in all markets

International Museum of the Baroque

Lightrr's Advanced Next-Gen

Cybersecurity Protection
Don't Fear Ransomware. END IT


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