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OES Emergency Services
and 911

Protecting us all - Every day 

Let Lightrr ensure you are prepared with the latest IT solutions

Lightrr provide end-to-end support to your OES station and Dispatchers. From everyday IT support to complete project roll out.

We work directly alongside any vendors system you use to ensure smooth and reliable delivery of critical application such as your CAD software. Whether your upgrading software or adding applications to aid your dispatchers – Lightrr can fully assist you with the setup and configuration.

In the world of emergency services, you need a dependable foundation for IT. That foundation is your network and servers.


We here at Lightrr specialize in designing and delivering resilient networks for your OES. Our designs incorporate the latest cloud managed hardware and auto failover of connections to ensure your critical services are on-line 24x7x365.

We have worked directly with Zurcher, Central Square and other CAD providers in assisting with upgrades needed to run their software. Along with PowerPhone and state governments to deliver the highest standards of IT.

Whether is a new CAD system, or maintaining and backing up your old system Lightrr can assist.

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