Retail and Hospitality
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We all love to shop

Lightrr can take away the stress of any IT needs in any retail business

New retail or hospitality store?

Upgrading your existing store?

There is a-lot to think about and many moving parts... This is where Lightrr come in. We are with you every step of the way to plan your new IT infrastructure with our many services we provide. Individually matched to meet your stores needs.

AFFORDABILITY and budget control is essential for every business to succeed... Lightrr will never up-sell any item as we are all techies and not sales people. 

That being said whether you are a small town business or large international organization Lightrr will work on only what IT needs you require; Just a Camera System? Great... Just a Telephone System? Perfect.... Complete Upgrade Store Wide? Not a problem!... 

We will work with your budget to ensure you have the best commercial grade equipment for your business at a price that works.

Lightrr can assist your business setting up and configuring you POS systems as well as work directly with your vendor to ensure correct setup and install.

We provide and support digital signage and guest expectance improvements.


From video displays to Guest WiFi Lightrr has your retail or hospitality business covered.