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Education is vital for everyone

Let Lightrr ensure you have the infrastructure in place to succeed

We all know that school is more than just pencil and paper these days. The constant evolving of new technological resources, teachers are creating the next generation of learning experiences for their students.


Lightrr can provide schools and teachers with an IT infrastructure that runs perfectly.


This will give your staff the time and resources they need to achieve their educational goals.

Not all schools are the same - This means that every school we visit an inspection of the current setup is essential. We start from the beginning and work with you to fully understand what can be achieved and how Lightrr can assist you with this.

A new school build or needing an upgrade? Thats what we do best and we make this transition seamless, letting you get back to the classroom whilst we take over your IT needs.


From Desktop Support, Smart-boards, Content Control to CAMPUS WIDE  WiFi Lightrr has your school covered.